Benefits of mushrooms, mans best fungi friend

Fungi are More Closely Related to Humans Than You Think

Watch out canine buddies, fungi are starting to go for the title of man's best friend, and BFF, "Best Fungi Friends"! Scientists have confirmed, only fairly recently what cultures of old have known and been practicing for hundreds of years, the power and the benefits of mushrooms! For the most part, they were traditionally used as a tonics or medicinal teas, only now we know in a scientific capacity that their cellular constituents are showing that they can greatly improve the quality of human health with a broadly inclusive significance. Vastly different than most modern day pharmaceuticals, the healing properties found in many mushrooms have an extremely low toxicity, even at higher doses. They are, what we are calling nowadays, a functional food, a food that has a specific or dedicated use or effects when consumed, more so than ordinary healthy food. Fungal medicines and treatments are very responsive against many human diseases because animals and fungi share a more common ancestry than with plants, bacteria and other protozoan lifeforms. A possible outcome of this strange shared history, is that humans suffer from many of the same disease causing organisms that afflict fungi, but at the same time are not susceptible to those attacking plants. Some scientists are now confirming that the DNA of fungi is more similar to human DNA than some animals. They believe this close relationship with humans and fungi exists because we are more closely related to fungi than to any other species because we shared a common ancestor millions of years ago and developed defenses against mutual microbial enemies. They believe that because we shared similar enemies, and that fungi are so amazingly efficient at recognizing, and defeating harmful microbes, that when we ingest fungi, we benefit from the learnings of the entire network of the fungi we consume. The incredible constituents inside fungi, the vast array of immunomodulating constituents are a product of the fungi already doing the work for us. Because of the many benefits of mushrooms, Fungi are simultaneously priceless ancient knowledge, and bleeding edge health care technology that are increasingly valued because of their promise in treating more and more diseases like dementia and cancer. With friends like that, man's best friend the dog may need to step up their game a little.
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