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Everyone has different needs. If you want more of a particular mushroom powder for your daily routine, get a booster pack and add it to your daily mushroom regimen!

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Need more of a particular mushroom? Get a booster pack and add it to your regimen!

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  • FREE Session with Health Coach

    Embark on a transformative wellness journey with our incredible complimentary gift —a free consultation with one of our experienced health coaches! Our dedicated team is eager to provide personalized insights tailored to your unique needs and goals, guiding you toward unlocking your full potential. Seize this opportunity to discover the path to optimal well-being and cultivate a happier, healthier lifestyle. We can't wait to give you personalized insights to help you become the best version of you!

  • FREE Report of illnesses and their mushroom match!

    This is the perfect reference for understanding the potential applications of mushroom supplements. This comprehensive report delves into the connections between over 30 illnesses and various mushroom supplements. Use it to have a meaningful discussion with your doctor to explore the potential for new and natural courses of action you may take. Once you qualify, just use the contact form below to get your copy and feel free to share it with friends and family to encourage awareness!

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Popular 3-packs

Which pack best suits you? Need better gut health? Try the Healthy Gut Pack! Need better sleep? Try the Serenity pack! Each value pack consists of one 2 oz bag of each of the top 3 mushrooms that can help.

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The ULTIMATE Boosters, 1Kg Wholesale bags!

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