About Us & Our Mission

At Feel The Day™ we believe the most important thing in creating a supplement is quality. We use only third-party certified, pesticide free, non-irradiated, non-GMO, natural ingredients which are produced in a state-of-the-art FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility in the United States.

Why is quality so important you may ask?

Actually when you buy something, not having the best of the best is not always bad. It may even make sense not to buy the best because the inferior model fits your needs better. To get the benefits of medicinal mushrooms however, having the best is the ONLY safe choice, and anything less could be very dangerous. You see, mushrooms are a product of their environment and if they are growing in a place that has pesticides, pollution, heavy metals or dangerous chemicals etc, those pollutants will find their way into the mycelial network (root system) and into the mushroom. Those dangerous chemicals will then be directly ingested by whoever eats the mushrooms. Unfortunately a foodstuff can simultaneously be labeled "Organic" and also be full of a majority of these dangerous chemicals if they are imported. And don't be fooled by companies claiming "Made in the USA", that just means it was packaged in the USA. It must say "GROWN in the USA".

It is estimated that over 85% of mushrooms are imported from China.

The "Organic" seal is only as strong as the government that is enforcing the seal's legitimacy. If a country's governing body is corrupt, how often do you think the supposedly organic food is getting inspected, if ever? If a medicinal mushroom company is not going out of its way to let you know that they are American grown mushrooms then it is safe to assume they are importing from China and you run the very real risk of them being contaminated. We want to let people know the truth.

Instead of asking "why is Feel the Day© so expensive?" you may want to be asking, "Why do you think the other companies are so cheap?

It is our mission to make safe, nutritious adaptogenic mushrooms available to all, and to educate people on what they are spending their hard earned cash on so they can get the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. That is why we don't settle for anything but the best. Feel The Day™ is setting the new gold standard in the medicinal mushroom supplement field, and we pride ourselves in offering all 100% American GROWN mushroom ingredients that undergo the most rigorous analytical testing by the top FDA registered labs in the country.

What part of the mushroom you consume definitely matters.

Because many companies can not source the mycelium with their mushrooms, they tend to be biased in their marketing and even go so far as to develop a marketing strategy solely around the idea that mushroom mycelium and the substrate used to grow it are nothing more than “filler”. They claim that mushroom mycelium and its fermented substrate offer no health-supporting benefit. They argue this because they are using cheap Chinese mushrooms and do not have access to the mycelium. These claims ignore the growing body of evidence and research. What they are hiding is that studies show that both the mycelium and the fruiting body have very important constituents. We all know that the fruiting body has very important immune supporting properties, but the latest studies show mycelium serves as the immune response that supports not only the health, vitality, and immune response of the fungal organism, but also supports the health of the surrounding ecosystem. Scientific research, targeted studies, and widespread use in holistic treatment plans demonstrate that when harnessed in the form of supplements, human beings also benefit from the significant health-supporting power of mushroom mycelium.

Following the science and the traditions of ancient medicine, our objective when creating our products, was to use both fruiting bodies and mycelium to create a true full-spectrum supplement. Making as many of the constituents in the mushroom available as possible is at the core of our purpose.

The main idea that people miss because they read biased marketing from a particular mushroom companyor another, is that if a company built on greed is using mycelium to be less expensive to make more profits, they harvest the mycelium too quickly to produce more product to sell. Unfortunately when the mycelium is harvested prematurely it does not get the chance to consume the media it was grown on. You need the mycelium to consume the media because that is where this important exchange of nutrients takes place. This process provides a far greater range of metabolically active compounds than what can be found in mushroom fruit bodies alone, yet it takes time, and time is money. If the mycelium is processed too quickly, in this circumstance, the customer is eating a large percentage of just starch. So for example, our Feel the Day™ Essentials blend is guaranteed to be under 1% starch so you are getting the most out of both the fruiting body, the mycelium, and this vital symbiotic process they share.

All mushroom supplement companies (most use Chinese mushrooms) will argue that their product is the best and put out marketing with that aim in mind.

If they only sell fruiting body products, then their marketing argues as such. The same holds true if they sell only mycelium based products. At Feel The Day™ we strictly follow the research and that is the basis of our product formulations and the reason you get the most for your money.

The founders

During his decade in Japan, Cody studied Japanese martial arts, language and culture. Fascinated by the Japanese use of herbs and mushrooms for health and wellness, and their ancient Japanese medicine (Kanpoyaku), he decided to take those wonderful aspects of their culture with him when he returned home to America. His mother had been suffering from cancer (multiple myeloma) for years. His first step was putting his mother on a routine of medicinal mushroom extracts. Surprisingly, after taking the mushroom extracts for six months his mother's cancer went into remission and is still cancer-free over 5 years later. With that huge eye-opening success, Cody was inspired to start Feel The Day™ with the hope of getting the word out about these absolutely fantastic fungi. His mother is living life to the fullest.

Thanks to his Greek grandfather, Basilio has been in the produce industry for over 22 years creating programs with produce growers in Mexico and North America. His fluency in English, Spanish and Japanese helped him coordinate deals with some of the biggest retailers, wholesalers, and food service processors all over the world. Basilio is a sportsman at heart but his love of playing sports comes second to the love he shares with his wife and two young boys.

Basilio and Cody have been friends for many years. They both share a passion for martial arts and an absolute fascination with medicinal mushrooms and functional fungi. Basilio joined Feel The Day™ because of this shared interest and now, this dynamic duo is proving to be a beacon in the Medicinal Mushroom space, shining a light of health, happiness and hope.