Our customer's health is priority number one so we have created Inspired Immunity™ to help cancer patients that don't have the means to get their potentially live-saving mushroom supplements.

Help us get potentially life-saving medicinal mushrooms to cancer patients today! A small donation can go a long way. A large donation can save a life! Please give as much as you can.

Today we are collecting for Angie.

Angie is suffering from breast cancer. She desperately needs medicinal mushrooms to help with her cancer treatment, but because of her medical costs she needs help. Please choose a donation below to help her get the medicinal mushrooms she needs.

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Donation details

We collect donations on behalf of someone who has cancer. The person we are collecting for will be featured on the website (feeltheday.com/pages/inspired-immunity). 100% of the contributions made are given to the cancer patient in mushroom products. In order to make the most of the donations, all product is purchased taking advantage of our wholesale price with 0% markup so the cancer patient can receive the full benefit of the contributions made. Once the threshold for purchasing a 3 month supply of mushroom extract for the patient is collected, Feel The Day™ pays for postage and the mushroom extract is sent to the patient. The next name on the Inspired Immunity™ list is then loaded onto the website and the collection is started again for the next cancer patient. As this is a pilot program and not yet a 501c3 organization, Feel The Day™ also contributes by taking the loss in taxes at the end of the year as the donations made are not tax deductible. Patients are screened by healthcare provider records submitted by the patient. Patients are selected on a first come first served basis.