Hormone Harmony with Functional Mushroom supplements

Hormone Harmony with Functional Mushroom supplements

In numerous Eastern cultural practices, mushrooms hold a prominent position as a highly beneficial food. Throughout history, mushrooms have been revered in the East for their medicinal attributes and positive impact on health. Conversely, in Western societies, mushrooms are often underestimated and mainly considered a side dish at best. However, in recent times, fungi have finally gained recognition and acknowledgment for their remarkable healing properties.

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With over 50,000 mushroom species existing worldwide, the majority being edible although some are poisonous, only about 20 varieties offer a delectable taste. Nonetheless, experts strongly recommend incorporating mushrooms into one's diet due to their numerous health advantages.

Scientific research has demonstrated that mushrooms can enhance well-being in various ways. Specific types of mushrooms possess unique properties that contribute to improving sleep, reducing fatigue, balancing hormones, promoting gut health, boosting cognitive function, increasing energy levels, combating weight gain, fighting cancer, and strengthening weakened immune systems. Presented here are three mushroom selections recommended by experts, as they provide profound health benefits, especially for women. It is important to note that reliable information regarding medicinal mushrooms is limited, and it is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before introducing new foods or supplements into one's diet.


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Cordyceps mushrooms, originally cultivated in China and resembling worm-like shapes, have recently been discovered to possess medicinal properties that support the adrenal glands responsible for producing cortisol, estrogen, and progesterone hormones. For women, these hormones play a crucial role in regulating overall health and well-being. Cortisol, commonly referred to as the "stress hormone," is particularly significant as it affects numerous vital bodily functions. However, excessive cortisol release, often caused by high levels of stress, can result in adrenal fatigue. Cordyceps can help reverse adrenal fatigue, leading to improved stamina, endurance, and energy levels. In addition to acting as a potent adaptogen, cordyceps have anti-inflammatory properties, provide a natural energy boost, and help lower blood sugar levels. Furthermore, a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial investigating cordyceps sinensis fermentation products revealed a 7% improvement in participants' maximum oxygen utilization during exercise (VO2 max), whereas those given a placebo showed no change. These caterpillar-like mushrooms have been utilized as both food and medicine for centuries, with references to their potent medicinal properties found in ancient Chinese medical books and Tibetan medicine. Cordyceps can be found in pill, liquid, and powder forms, and incorporating the powder into stews, broths, and soups is a simple and effective way to include this beneficial fungus in one's diet. The powder can also be added to beverages or sprinkled over food.

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According to Anthony William, a New York Times best-selling author of "Life-Changing Foods," the chaga mushroom is considered one of the most medicinal and overall beneficial foods of the century. Scientific studies have shown that mushrooms contribute to improved health in various ways. The chaga mushroom, although visually unappealing with its dark, dirt-like appearance, grows on birch trees in cold climates such as Northern Europe, Russia, Alaska, and Northern Canada. A Korean study conducted in 2010 demonstrated that chaga mushrooms could slow the growth of lung, breast, and cervical cancer cells, as well as inhibit tumor growth in mice. Unlike the familiar white button or cremini mushrooms, chaga mushrooms possess a rich earthy flavor with a slight bitterness. They are best consumed by adding the powder form to a drink. To incorporate chaga into one's diet, it is recommended to make chaga mushroom tea in the evenings or add chaga to your morning coffee or smoothie. However  you can also sprinkle it over your food. He also suggests obtaining chaga in a finely powdered form as it promotes enhanced absorption of nutrients.

mushroom powder supplements and antiaging
Chaga mushrooms possess potent antioxidant enzymes that effectively moisturize, plump, and nourish the skin. As we age, the natural process of aging, combined with factors like stress, sun damage, and pollution, leads to a decline in the skin's elasticity. Free radicals, which are cells that cause damage to other skin cells, contribute to the loss of youthful vitality over time. The properties found in chaga mushrooms combat free radicals, thereby slowing down the aging process, reducing wrinkles, and preventing discoloration. Chaga mushrooms rank among the highest in terms of oxygen radical absorbance capacity among natural foods.

Thyroid-related health problems are often associated with excessive production of thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland, located in the neck in front of the windpipe, plays a crucial role in regulating the body's metabolism through the production of hormones such as triiodothyronine and thyroxine. Thyroid disorders range from mild and harmless conditions to life-threatening cancer. Hyperthyroidism occurs when there is an excessive amount or insufficient levels of thyroid hormone. While most thyroid-related issues are not dangerous when accurately diagnosed and treated, medicinal mushrooms have shown beneficial effects on thyroid gland health. They help restore hormonal and cellular balance, including cytotoxic T cells. Chaga mushrooms can help reduce thyroid antibodies, enhance the response of natural killer cells, activate immune pathways, and establish connections between chaga mushroom benefits, digestive/immune health, and thyroid issues, as nutrition and gut health are essential for thyroid well-being.

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Reishi mushrooms serve as excellent liver tonics, supporting the liver in eliminating harmful toxins from the body. They also possess calming properties and act as adaptogens to counteract the negative effects of stress on the adrenals, which can disrupt hormonal balance. Menopause is a natural stage in a woman's life when menstruation ceases, marking the end of her reproductive period. While some women transition through menopause without complications, many experience debilitating symptoms that significantly impact their quality of life, including sleep disturbances, hair loss, vaginal dryness, mood swings, weight gain, decreased libido, and hot flashes. In Eastern traditions, reishi mushroom extract is highly regarded for its ability to improve energy levels, restore hormonal balance affected by menopause, and alleviate uncomfortable hot flashes. Studies have shown that consuming reishi mushrooms in small doses can also help reduce insomnia and promote natural sleep cycles. Furthermore, reishi mushrooms may assist in managing hormonal weight gain. An international study conducted on obese mice demonstrated a significant reduction in body fat when they were given reishi mushroom supplements. Reishi mushrooms, known for their bitter taste, primarily grow in hot and humid areas of Asia. There are various ways to consume this potent fungus, including as a tea, pill, or powdered form that can be added to smoothies or hot beverages.

mushroom powder supplements and menopause


Incorporating Reishi mushroom supplements into your routine offers a natural approach to promoting hormonal well-being. Hormones play a crucial role in various aspects such as stress levels, fertility, libido, and women's health concerns, including menopausal symptoms, PCOS, breast cancer, and endometriosis.

mushroom powder supplements and PCOS
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine disorder caused by excess androgen levels in women of reproductive age. Reishi mushrooms have been found to reduce the levels of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which mediates the conversion of inactive testosterone to its active form (dihydrotestosterone). Elevated levels of active testosterone can lead to irregular menstruation, increased facial hair, and acne. The antagonistic effect of reishi mushrooms on androgens helps manage the symptoms of PCOS. Additionally, reishi mushrooms can stimulate ovulation, aiding in regularizing menstrual cycles. Reishi mushrooms also increase the estrogen hormone, ensuring that the female hormone estrogen is higher in women compared to the male hormone testosterone.

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Throughout history, mushrooms have been revered in the East for their medicinal attributes and positive impact on health. However, in recent times, they are finally being acknowledged in the West and fungi are finally gaining the recognition they deserve for their amazing healing properties.


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The benefits of functional mushrooms extend far beyond hormonal balance. These remarkable fungi possess immune-boosting properties, aid in stress reduction, support cognitive function, and contribute to overall vitality. By incorporating these fantastic mushrooms into your daily routine, you can unlock their potential to enhance your well-being in various aspects. Don't hesitate to embrace the power of functional mushrooms and embark on a journey towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle with FeelTheDay.com !



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