Is it really expensive?

Is it really expensive?

Price is usually at the forefront of attention for most people when considering which company to go with to buy a product. Sometimes certain facts get overlooked for one reason or another, but I would like to introduce our product to you in terms that may resonate.

1. 85% of mushroom supplement companies import their mushrooms from China. When mushrooms are growing, they are like sponges and will suck up whatever is in their environment, and unfortunately that includes toxins in the soil, air, and rain. To make matters worse, the "organic" seal is only as strong as the government that enforces it. So if it does not say "grown in the U.S.A" in big fat letters on the product, chances are that they are trying to hide the fact that the mushrooms in the supplement are from China and you will be taking a large gamble with your health and the mushrooms may be doing you more harm than good. Feel The Day™ ONLY uses mushrooms grown in the U.S.A. at a certified Organic Farm.

2. What part of the mushroom you consume matters. Studies show that both the mycelium and the fruiting body have very important constituents. With this in mind our objective when creating our blends was to use both to create a true full-spectrum supplement. Making as many of the constituents in the mushroom available as possible is at the core of our purpose. The main idea that people miss because they read biased marketing from a particular mushroom company is that if a company built on greed is using mycelium to be less expensive to make more profits, they harvest the mycelium quickly to produce more product to sell. Unfortunately when the mycelium is harvested prematurely it does not get the chance to consume the media it was grown on. You need the mycelium to consume the media because that is where this important exchange of nutrients takes place. This process provides a far greater range of metabolically active compounds than what can be found in mushroom fruit bodies alone, yet it takes time and time is money. If the mycelium is processed too quickly, in this circumstance, the customer is eating a large percentage of just starch. So for example, our Feel The Day™ Essentials blend is guaranteed to be under 1% starch so you are getting the most out of both the fruiting body, the mycelium, and this vital symbiotic process they share. Our products may be a little more expensive, but worth every penny.
All mushroom supplement companies (most use Chinese mushrooms) will argue that their product is the best and put out marketing with that aim in mind. If they only sell fruiting body products, then their marketing argues as such. The same holds true if they sell only mycelium based products. Feel the Day™ follows the research and that is the basis of our product formulations and the reason you get the most for your money.

3. Obviously, the higher the quality a product, the more time-consuming and expensive it is to make. However, the saying "you get what you pay for" has no meaning if you can't afford the price so we decided to offer wholesale priced items at not only the 1kg size, but we also offer 4oz bags which have 113 servings (3 mo. supply) in addition to our 2oz bags. This way the customer can not only reap the benefit of paying less per serving, but they get a better product for their money, they save on packaging, labels, shipping, and other production costs. If you look at the smaller package sizes and the smaller number of servings you get with other companies, you will see you are saving a considerable amount when purchasing Feel The Day™ supplements, and not to mention a much better, healthier and safer product.

When you look at all the mushroom supplement companies out there, you realize, there is really only one choice -Get Feel The Day™ Today!

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