Adaptogenin™ medicinal mushroom maitake

Maitake Mushroom: From Cooking to Cancer Benefits

Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is a polypore mushroom that you can find in clusters at the base of trees, particularly oak trees. It is a very well known gourmet mushroom and one of the staple mushrooms of Japanese cuisine. Maitake in Japanese means "dancing mushroom".  The same Chinese character from the word Maiko, roughly translated as "dancing girl" (an apprentice striving to become a geisha, the famous Japanese entertainers and escorts practicing the 250 year old art of "gei", artistic skills) is used in the name Maitake. Like the maiko having a myriad of skills, there are also many ways to prepare the maitake mushrooms, always resulting in a very tasty dish. The uses of the maitake mushrooms do not end there. They appear to be the next thermonuclear weapon against cancer. They have been shown to increase the benefit of chemotherapy and have some strong evidence of tumor inhibition. They also seem to alleviate the side effects from chemotherapy included nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and loss of appetite. The wonders of the maitake mushroom are not limited to it's cancer battling brawn, but has also shown very promising effects in Diabetes, Cholesterol, Hypertension and even Polycystic Ovary syndrome. Dance on down to Adaptogen Superfoods and get some mushroom assistance today!
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