Medicinal Mushrooms and Fibroids

Medicinal Mushrooms and Fibroids


Fibroid queen and medicinal mushrooms

Why I love Mushrooms
When I got on my holistic journey years ago due to fibroids, I started to research foods that were beneficial for hormonal imbalance and reducing inflammation. Mushrooms popped up! I read how mushrooms have properties that are antibacterial, immune-enhancing. I was anxious to keep my diet healthy so I incorporated it into my diet. The only mushrooms I’d eaten were mainstream and store-bought. I would saute it with grapeseed oil, cayenne pepper, and Himalayan salt…yummy! I never thought I would fall in love with them, despite the non-appetizing look of mushrooms.

Hormonal Imbalance
Recently, I started doing more research on mushrooms and connecting with Holistic experts. Maitake mushrooms were mentioned a few times, I dug more into its numerous hormonal benefits. I discovered that mushrooms come in all different types and shapes. Mushrooms offer hope when it comes to fibroids & PCOS.

Both conditions are common among women of childbearing years, it can cause troubling symptoms like hormone instability, heavy or irregular menstrual cycles, etc. However, all mushrooms have health-boosting properties and block estrogen, a hormone that is the root cause of fibroids and PCOS. Maitake mushrooms like other medicinal mushrooms can help normalize the body from uterine fibroids and help with infertility due to PCOS. Fibroids are pretty common, 80% of women will get fibroids. A condition that causes non-cancerous tumors to grow on the uterus. According to Healthline, PCOS is a “syndrome” or group of symptoms that affect the ovaries and ovulation. Genes, insulin resistance, and inflammation have all been linked to both conditions.

How are mushrooms beneficial to hormone health?
For fibroids, maitake has a strong anti-tumor activity, which fights against the development of abnormal cells. It strengthens the immune system to combat non-cancerous or benign growths like cyst and fibroids. Mushrooms work with great synergy with other medicinal mushrooms amplifying their power.

If you are in need of Nutrition guidance to help with your hormonal condition. Schedule a consultation to talk more about your needs and resources that may support your goals to being hormonally healthy.

Improve Fertility
Including maitake mushrooms in dietary approaches can decrease insulin resistance which can level off the glucose levels and fats. Mushrooms can be beneficial in hormonal imbalance. Have improved hormone balance and normalized tissues can help promote fertility for women with PCOS.

Tips & how to use Maitake?
If possible, select organic mushrooms to avoid toxic sprays in-store ones.
Saute the maitake! It has a meaty flavor, add it to your favorite, dish, soup, and sauces.

About mushroom supplements, there are powders, capsules, teas, etc. I started using a certified organic full spectrum mushroom powder. It’s really convenient and cost affordable as I don’t always have fresh mushrooms on hand. I simply add a tablespoon to my smoothie. I order from Adaptogen Superfoods because they are all organic, American grown, and very high quality.

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Fibroid Queen loving Adaptogenin™

If you are facing issues with womb conditions like fibroids and PCOS, consider adding mushrooms as a natural course for hormonal imbalance. A complete regimen is best to get maximum results. However all mushrooms have huge benefits, and a good mushroom blend can give you that boost to good hormonal health.

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Before I forget, I’d also like to share my dedicated Youtube channel for women with fibroids.

-Fibroid Queen


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