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Meshima's black hooves that stomp on cancer

Meshimakobu or, Phellinus linteus, is a fungus popular in asia for its anti-aging properties to prolong longevity. In the United States as it is often called Black Hoof mushroom because of its hoof-like shape. It has a bitter taste and traditionally grows on mulberry trees. This fungus among us, seems to have an extensive range of usefulness toward many ailments such as HIV, cancer, allergies, diabetes and more. It has been identified by some as having some of the highest anti-tumor activity of all the Hymenomycetes and a superb macrophage activation. It has been researched in the past decade extensively in asia and especially Korea. It is looking like a super medicinal mushroom especially showing impressive anti-cancer activity, immunostimulant properties, and the surprising ability to promote added efficacy of chemothereputic medicines, not to mention its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects.

These days Black Hoof mushroom is also added to skin care formulations for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and has been recently shown to provide benefit with eczema. Naturally, skin care product companies are excited about the role Black Hoof may have as a new antioxidant ingredient because it also potentially brings skin brightening, anti-inflammatory, anti-eczema, and anticancer effects which could be the ingredient that puts them ahead of the competition.

Unfortunately, there is much more research that needs to be done but it has been used in the past for many ailments such as:

Esophageal cancer
Stomach flu
Liver scarring
Liver cancer
Stomach cancer

*The following statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional before using this product. Due to the thousands of species of mushrooms available the efficacy of medicinal mushrooms has not been confirmed by enough research to satisfy the FDA, and the traditional use of medicinal mushrooms does not establish that any product will achieve claimed results since additional research is necessary for a number of reasons. Further study to confirm the findings of each different species of mushroom's best use would be ideal since the potency/formulation used in clinical studies usually vary not only between each study, but also vary with each supplement on the market.
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