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Should I use just one, or a mushroom blend?

Many researchers are coming to the conclusion that, to increase your body's natural responses and to strengthen the immune system, a spectrum of polysaccharides and medicinal mushroom supplement constituents are more effective than just the constituents of just one kind of mushroom supplement. The constituents increase the number of macrophages, killer T & NK (natural killer) cells and lymphocytes and also stimulate their activity levels. Using a number of medicinal mushroom species sends the immune system more stimuli, awakening natural defenses in the body.

Since each mushroom species has a unique amalgam of macro-sugars, and the course of decomposition of these sugars results in sub-derivatives that are particular to each mushroom, this results in the activation of a broader array of receptor sites in the immune system; much more than if just one species of medicinal mushroom was used. There was actually a case study utilizing 4 medicinal mushrooms resulting in the complete recovery of breast cancer (Wedam & Haynes, 1997).

Not only are there medicinal polysaccharides in mushrooms, but also there is a variety of constituents that may indeed help improve human conditions. Some medicinal mushroom species have tumor growth inhibiting effects despite the fact of having little to no side effects like cytotoxicity to healthy cells. This is an amazing and rare attribute of any cancer therapy out there. Medicinal mushrooms can have very low toxicity, several orders of magnitude lower than many therapeutic approaches which is very promising. For example Cordyceps is thought to lower cholesterol levels, increase blood flow, and extend the longevity of healthy cells. Several species are thought to improve liver and kidney function. Compounds in Lion's mane mushrooms (Hericium erinaceus) may very well stimulate nerve regeneration, as many studies are starting to suggest. Even though we are still just exploring the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential medical uses of medicinal mushrooms, researchers all around the world are coming to similar conclusions -mushrooms can be powerful medicines that are natural and safe-especially for those plagued by stress and stress-related disease.


Wedam, N. & Haynes,A., 1997. "Breast cancer" Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, vol. 7, no. 2,. 86-87.

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