Adaptogenin™ supplement with shiitake

The powerful Shiitake mushroom

Do you like Japanese food? Chances are that you have already enjoyed the rich, buttery, meaty flavor of the Shiitake mushroom. Whether it was in a stir-fry or a soup, it is not only delicious, but packed full of bioactive compounds with proven immuno-modulating properties. It's scientific name is Lentinula edodes and its nutritional profile is very impressive with steep levels of B vitamins and pro-vitamin D2. A certain polysaccharide from the Shiitake is licensed for the treatment of gastric cancer in Japan. Studies are starting to show other compounds within the shiitake that look very promising for lowering cholesterol levels, and anti-fungal properties which may even limit the proliferation of leukaemia cells. A recent study even showed improved liver function as 17 patients battled Hepatitis B. Shiitake In vitro studies show strong anti-microbal activity and one of the highest anti-candidal activity of several of the medicinal mushrooms.
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