Organic Agaricus Blazei mushrooms in Adaptogenin™ supplement

The upcoming star, Himematsutake

Adaptogen Superfoods is always on the lookout for a star.  A natural solution that can help some of the problems that plague the realms of man. Agaricus Subrufescens is a rather new mushroom to the medicinal mushroom supplement scene and is running for the title of "top dog" as it is becoming one of the most popular medical mushrooms recently. In Japan it is known as Himematsutake. In a recent survey done in the land of the rising sun, it is being taken by 31% of urological cancer patients. This cousin of the common button mushroom, Himematsutake is becoming the fastest growing mushroom supplement in the US marketplace over any other medicinal mushroom because it has a wide range of clinical activity that it is being used for. It is being used for cancer. It is showing strong activity against a wide range of different types of cancer, including ovarian and lung cancer as well as synergistic assistance with chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects. Used as an extract or making tea from the fruit body, Himematsutake is showing promising results with appetite loss, emotional stability, alopecia and just general weakness from the use of chemotherapy. It is even recorded in some studies that it may be helping with Diabetes, hepatitis and even allergies. Agaricus Subrufescens is definitely a mushroom you want to keep your eyes on as it's promising therapeutic values are uncovered day after day.
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