Wake up! and get natural energy without the Crash.

Wake up! and get natural energy without the Crash.

Its difficult to let your inner warrior out if you don't have the energy!

Explore the possibility of naturally enhancing the invigorating effects of your coffee with mushrooms and discover four advantages below. The 3 mushrooms in the Warrior Pack can help!

Being exhausted often means that the caffeine consumption you indulge in walks a fine line between boosting energy and getting the jitters.

Mushroom coffee

If you're looking for something more than just an immunological boost, consider adding premium Feel The Day™ mushroom powder to your daily coffee. It not only aids in fortifying your body's defense mechanism but also sustains your focus and vitality throughout the day, helping to prevent afternoon crash.

Fatigue can arise from either physical or mental sources. It can be demonstrated through symptoms such as feeble and achy muscles, the slowing down of reflexes, as well as cognitive symptoms such as confusion, irritability, and trouble focusing. Fatigue is a complex condition that presents differently for each individual.

Here are some reasons to implement mushrooms in your morning coffee.

•Amplify your productivity and concentration with increased energy.

•Aid in alleviating stress, achieving restfulness, and promoting relaxation.

•Encourage a well-balanced physique by promoting strong immune function and minimizing inflammation.


The Consumption of Mushrooms Promotes a Balanced Inflammatory Reaction in the Body.

Mushrooms contain a high amount of antioxidants that aid in maintaining a healthy response to inflammation, which is excellent news for those suffering from chronic inflammation.

The constant presence of low-level inflammation forces your body into a heightened state of awareness, utilizing more energy than it possesses, ultimately leading to fatigue.

The immune system relies on inflammation to safeguard the body from damage. However, persistent inflammation slowly intensifies and can cause notable symptoms such as fatigue, migraines, sore muscles, and joint discomfort. It's crucial to manage inflammation as a continuous effort to establish balance in your health.


How does an antidote for Fatigue and Inflammation sound?

The current research discovered that chaga mushrooms can oppose the adverse impacts of  inflammation rates in the body. They can help do this by:

•Aiding in combating harmful free radicals within the body with the presence of antioxidants

•Boost the efficiency of your body's antioxidant enzymes to decompose oxygen molecules that may cause harm.

•Assist your body in achieving balance with regards to its inflammatory response.


Adding chaga to your coffee can help regulate the body's inflammatory response and prevent exhaustion.

To keep inflammation levels in your body in check and fend off fatigue, incorporating chaga mushroom into your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie, is a sensible move that can result in optimal energy levels.

It's crucial however, to consider your overall lifestyle and system as interconnected and functioning in harmony.

To keep this harmony and alleviate fatigue-causing inflammation, it is essential to make some changes in your daily routine. A few of these changes include:

•Sleeping a recommended amount of time is crucial for optimal health. Experts suggest that getting between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night can positively affect both physical and mental performance throughout the day.

•Having a Minimizing anxiety by practicing mindful breathing techniques

•Integrating cardiovascular and strength training.

•Reducing the amount of sugar and processed foods that you consume as a part of your diet.

Mushroom coffee benefits are built on accumulation. To fully experience the beneficial effects of our mushroom powders grown right here in the USA, we recommend taking a ½-teaspoon a day for a prolonged period of time.


Boost Your Physical Energy with Mushrooms by Boosting Your Metabolism

Cordyceps can boost your metabolism and provide sustained mental and physical energy when added to your beverage. Consider incorporating it into your pre-workout regimen.

Our metabolism may not work efficiently at times due to factors such as aging, inadequate diet, or hormonal shifts. In turn, our capacity to maintain our energy levels and engage in consistent physical activity is affected.

Cordyceps, a type of functional mushroom, can boost our metabolism and provide a revitalizing effect.

In order to increase our activity levels, it is important to also prioritize a healthy metabolism. Exercise has several benefits including enhancing mood, improving focus, maintaining heart health, and promoting better sleep. How can we ensure that our metabolism supports these advantages?

The energy benefits of Cordyceps

add mushrooms supplements to your coffee

 According to multiple studies regular supplementation of Cordyceps mushrooms was found to have a significant impact on metabolism. They also found that supplementing with cordyceps mushrooms:

•Enhances the metabolic threshold -creating a surge in the oxygenation of blood resulting in boosting endurance without experiencing fatigue.

•Increases the ventilatory threshold, the body effectively neutralizes lactic acid build-up, resulting in less muscle fatigue and burn, ultimately delaying the onset of exhaustion.

Incorporating mushroom extracts into your routine can assist your body in achieving equilibrium, enabling you to maintain your vitality as you age.

Make sure to get your Cordyceps mushroom powder from Feel The Day™! They are grown in the USA! Don't take the risk of buying cheap mushrooms.  They suck up whatever is in their habitat, and if it is grown in a country with pollution, pestisides, or other dangerous chemicals, you will be ingesting whatever the mushrooms did!


Mushrooms can support cognition and your ability to focus without the “Crash” you may get from coffee or caffeine. 

Natural energy with mushroom supplements without the crash

For a lot of individuals, starting their day with a cup of coffee or tea is essential to boost mental alertness. However, caffeine may have negative effects.

Consuming caffeine leads to sleepless nights, anxiety, and jitters as it weakens the impact of adenosine - a brain chemical that induces sleepiness. At the same time, caffeine raises adrenaline levels that will keep you awake.

After the effects of caffeine wear out, it might leave you feeling exhausted, grumpy, and with a headache. This phenomenon, commonly known as "crashing" and unfortunately follows approximately five hours post-consumption.


A substitute for caffeine that enhances alertness in a practical manner.

Lion's mane, along with other medicinal mushrooms, is an incredible adaptogen that encourages a balanced and healthy immune system, thus promoting a healthy inflammatory response. Moreover, it boasts a distinguishing feature.

The cognitive benefits of Lion’s Mane have become a popular topic of discussion due to its impact on brain function. A novel application for this mushroom which was discovered in the 1990s when researchers found that it has an impact on Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). The findings have been substantiated multiple times by recent clinical studies.

Reports from human clinical trials reveal that the consumption of lion's mane mushrooms has the potential to enhance a person's anxiety and depression scores. Furthermore, these studies indicate that lion's mane may serve as a favorable memory aid for older individuals grappling with mild memory issues.

Compounds derived from lion's mane have shown through animal testing to potentially improve nerve impulse transmission and enhance both short and long-term memory. Additionally, these same compounds demonstrated the ability to reduce oxidative stress in the brain.

Your cognitive function, memory, mood and energy can be boosted, and mid-day crashes avoided, by incorporating lion's mane extract into your daily coffee.

Incorporating lion's mane powder into your morning ritual can serve as a substitute for caffeine or a way to counteract the risk of experiencing the jitters and anxiety.


Functional mushrooms can alleviate the impact of stress on the physical well-being.

Mushrooms contain beta-glucans and other compounds that aid in the optimal functioning of your gut, immune system, and nervous system. Combat underlying causes of physical and mental exhaustion by incorporating functional mushroom supplements into your daily coffee routine.

Mushroom cell walls contain beta-glucans, which are crucial for their structure. These compounds act as potent active ingredients and assist in managing chronic stress that can lead to exhaustion in the body and its systems.

Dietary fiber, specifically beta-glucans, undergo fermentation by beneficial bacteria in the colon. This results in the liberation of essential nutrients that enhance the immune system and promote better psychological wellness.

Mushrooms have adaptogenic properties that enable them to help our bodies regulate stress naturally and promote relaxation, all without any negative impact on our health.

Tips to shroomify your coffee with the Warrior Pack.



You can use the mushroom packs individually or try them all together!

With these 100% pure mushroom powders grown exclusively in the USA you’ll get a powerhouse of nutrients from chaga, cordyceps and lion's mane mushrooms. Together they will help you get to where you need to go, and keep it when you get there!

Feel The Day™ mushrooms are grown in the USA

If you’re ready to boost your energy and reap the benefits of mushrooms, try the Warrior Pack today!


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