Adaptogen Superfoods organic mushroom supplement

Why choose Adaptogen Superfoods?

Natural forms imported from China come with many risks that make purchasing cheaper mushrooms supplements not worth it. Most consumers are not aware of the many dangers of consuming mushroom products that are not developed in the United States. For example when purchasing cordyceps, when a Caterpillar dies from an infection from Cordyceps sinensis, many molds and forms of candida, bacteria and protozoa are often also present. When mushrooms are growing under laboratory conditions, quality is assured. Furthermore, don't forget that the quality of mushrooms grown under laboratory conditions is far superior from wild specimens because of the natural chaos of nature, there is no way to predict the nutritional value or ensure a consistency like you can in a laboratory. To make matters even more risky, unethical yet crafty exporters from other countries have implanted lead wires into wild mushrooms to increase the weight of their products so they sell for more. This unfortunately caused severe lead poisoning in consumers of the imported mushrooms. Another reason you should only buy American cultured mushrooms is the consistency from using one strain. Since most cordyceps and other medicinal mushrooms on the market are hand-collected by villagers in China and Tibet, many different strains are gathered for exportation so there can be a huge variation in strain and ultimately no consistency in quality, or nutritional value, meaning you may very well be wasting your money on a product that does not work. To make matters worse, to prevent invasion from other fungi post-harvest, many bundles of wild mushrooms are treated with fungicides. That is why you need to buy from Adaptogen Superfoods. Only buying American certified organic mushrooms will ensures the best quality. If you don't, you run the very real risk of wasting your money on a supplement that not only does not do what you want, but actually may be harming you.
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