Urgent Report For Anyone Ages 50+ Who Is Worried That Their Brain Is “Getting Old”

Imagine, All Of Your Memories Fading Away.

A whole lifetime of happiness.
First kisses and first dates…
First crushes and forever loves…
First steps, your grandchild’s first smile.
Close your eyes.
Imagine it all vanishing.
Replaced by nothing...

But what if it didn’t have to be this way? What if, for the first time, there was hope for all of us? “Eat this mushroom and it’ll free your mind”

It’s not what it sounds like. This wasn’t some hippie, and the mushrooms he was talking about weren’t psychedelic. Instead, they came from the forest, And according to researchers at Penn State University and Cambridge University, they held a vital key in the battle to preserve and protect our brains as we get older - so that instead of our memories fading, they can help them stay vividly clear.
It comes in the form of a micronutrient that was hiding inside, believe it or not, a mushroom! Something that experts are now referring to as the “Longevity Vitamin” because this natural little nutrient has been proven in dozens of studies to contain more brain-protecting power than any other vitamin or antioxidant in the natural world.
And the best part? It’s something that anyone can add to their diet for under a dollar, even if you HATE the taste, look, or texture of mushrooms. The research really is compelling.

There’s just one problem.

This longevity vitamin I’m talking about right now is quite hard to prepare correctly.
And if you live in America than it’s almost impossible to find other foods that contain enough of it.

Due to Big Agriculture and industrial farming, you’re not going to get this in your local grocery store.
That is a HUGE problem!

In another landmark study, these same Penn State scientists confirmed that when this "Longevity Vitamin" vanishes from our diets and our bodies, our memories can begin to vanish right alongside it.
And this is ESPECIALLY true for those in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.
Which is why, if you or a loved one has been struggling with their memory over the past few months or years, regardless of whether those issues are mild, or becoming increasingly severe,
It is URGENT that you continue reading right now, because…

In just a few moments…
not only will the hidden "longevity vitamin" found inside this mushroom be revealed but…

I’ll also share a simple and easy way to get it into your diet IMMEDIATELY

WITHOUT the need to start buying a bunch of expensive organic foods from the store,

WITHOUT having to make any changes to your diet,

And even if you HATE the taste or texture of mushrooms!
Replenishing your body’s stores of this crucial, memory-supporting longevity vitamin couldn’t be simpler.

All you need to do is follow an easy 30 second breakfast ritual each morning - which I’ll share here.

And if you do that…

It could make the difference between a declining, slowing brain,

and years of crystal clear memory and focus.

And really think about what that means:

Instead of those embarrassing “senior moments”…

Instead of spending days with your brain feeling like it’s in and out of a fog…

Instead of worrying whether you’ll lose your independence at some point in the future because your brain’s slowed down to the point where your family doesn’t even trust you to do simple things like turn off the stove or drive your car.

What if as you aged, you could spend each day feeling as lucid, focused, and connected as you did when you were younger?

Or even better, what if you could start running mental circles around the Millennials and younger generations who are at least half your age, if not even younger?

And what if you could feel almost as though you were winding back the very hands of time itself?

I know it sounds too good to be true, and that is understandable. So,

“what’s the catch?”

Don't believe me, the research says it all!

It turns out, our bodies are literally made for this longevity vitamin…

To the point where we have receptors inside our body whose sole job is to absorb and transport this nutrient to our brains (more on that in a moment).
So right now, your mind is physically STARVING for this one nutrient. It’s craving it and begging you for it, yet, chances are you have never heard of it before!
It isn't a typical type of Vitamin like Vit B, D, E, C, or A
It’s not anything like magnesium, calcium, zinc, or iron. Nor is it a probiotic or expensive pharmaceutical. Which is why I’m nearly certain that you’re not getting enough of this forgotten longevity vitamin in your diet right now because you won’t find it on the shelves of your neighborhood supermarket or pharmacy.

And this is also why I’m so confident that once you start using this 30 Second Breakfast Ritual…

you could feel like you’ve flipped on a powerful light switch inside of your mind.
So that, for the first time in AGES you begin to once again experience the world in crystal clear, vibrant focus the way it’s SUPPOSED to be. The best part is this longevity vitamin doesn’t just illuminate the dark corners of your brain either. It GOES TO WORK clearing out those mental cobwebs leaving you feeling alert and alive! So with that being said, let’s go ahead and get started because I know that the simple and easy to understand information I’m about to share…


For So Long, There Just Haven’t Been Any Real Solutions Out There.

You could do brain puzzles or some “smart app” but even though they’re fun, they’re not really all that helpful — something that’s been shown by countless studies. You could try all the “memory supplements” you see on TV with the fancy graphs and “miracle proteins”, but between the million dollar lawsuits and the FDA scandals it’s clear that most “memory supplements” (even the most popular ones) are really no better than overpriced, simple vitamins backed by paper-thin, inconclusive research.
And as a result…

we’ve found ourselves:
With no hope or direction, with nothing better than the “placebo effect” to preserve the most important organ in our entire bodies.
That is, until all of this new research surrounding this hidden “longevity vitamin” started pouring in!

That research changed everything.

And that’s why I can’t wait to share with you this remarkable “longevity vitamin”.

This Longevity Vitamin is called ERGO

The mushrooms that contain a functional dose of it are ironically called Functional Fungi. Researchers have found that our bodies actually seem to be designed to transport ERGO through our bloodstream and to our brains. Meaning, we have actual ERGO receptors attached to our cells.

Why would our bodies have a specific “transporter” HARDWIRED into our cells to absorb this random “mushroom compound” and then send it to our brains? It’s basically the equivalent of finding a hidden “locked door” in the basement of your house and and then finding this big skeleton key buried in a drawer of an old desk left over by the previous owners. Wouldn’t you be DYING to know what’s behind that door? To know who put it there? And, more importantly, why?

Well, That’s Exactly How Scientists At Penn State University Felt Too When They Discovered This ERGO Transportation Network…

And it kicked off a kind of mushroom “space-race” where, for years, teams of scientists DESPERATELY tried to crack the code behind what makes this longevity-vitamin compound that’s found in certain mushrooms so special. And what they found was pretty shocking.

Because it soon became apparent that ERGO wasn’t just HARDWIRED to get absorbed into your cells but that it could also be one of the most powerful compounds imaginable when it comes to your health, and especially when it comes to your brain.

For one, ERGO is able to cross the blood-brain barrier which means we have higher concentrations of it in our brain.

And two, a Japanese study found that subjects with age-related memory challenges had significantly lower levels of ERGO in their blood than those who didn’t.

In fact, when they tested over 434 different “compounds” to see which ones were lowest in people with these “brain problems…” This longevity vitamin, ERGO, was one of just a handful that stood out.

Then (and pay attention to this one) a study from the National University of Singapore found that seniors who were “cognitively normal” had a 54% HIGHER concentration of ERGO than those who were “cognitively impaired.”

Think about that!

I mean how can you ignore such a clear connection like that?

It just seemed like no matter where you looked, ERGO was popping up everywhere (especially when it comes to brain health).

So Scientists Decided To Dig One Layer Deeper.

Specifically, they wanted to know just why “ERGO” was so powerful.

And, after years of intense investigation, they concluded that it’s because ERGO is one of the most potent antioxidants in the world.

In fact, scientists say it’s very similar to another antioxidant you might have heard of — “glutathione.” Now, “glutathione” is often considered the “Master Antioxidant” because of how powerful it is.

But scientists now actually think that ERGO might be even MORE potent.

That’s because, one, like I said, our bodies have a “built-in” transporter that sucks ERGO directly into our cells, so our bodies can absorb it better.

And two, unlike “glutathione,” ERGO has a unique chemical structure that makes it RESIST getting broken down by the process of oxidation.

Now, I know that’s a lot.

But here’s why that’s so important.

See, the “oxidation” process is the same process that makes a steel beam turn to rust or an apple turn brown after you cut it.

So “oxidation” can also “break down” or “rust” an antioxidant (like glutathione, for instance) before your body can even use it.

But, since ERGO has a unique chemical structure that makes it resistant to this “rust effect”…

Your body can actually use it FAR BETTER than glutathione.

THIS Is Why So Many Scientists Think ERGO Is One Of THE Most Powerful Compounds When It Comes To Brain Health And Memory

And why they started nicknaming it “the longevity vitamin”.

Because it’s such a potent antioxidant, it can help “clean out” the brain. This means it could clear out “neural waste” that’s built up over the years — which is the same kind of “sludge” that sits in our synapses and muddles our thoughts. AND it can help with the free-radicals that gather as we age too.

In fact, one study found that ERGO helped wipe away “brain gunk” in a group of mice by as much as 15% in just 6 weeks.

Which is incredible, right?

And this “brain supporting” effect had a PROFOUND impact on the memory of the mice as well. When scientists tested those mice who DIDN’T receive ERGO, they found that they performed an astonishing 40% WORSE on a memory test than those mice who did.

But the benefits of ERGO don’t just stop there.

Because while animal studies are valuable, you’re probably wondering about its direct impact in humans. Well one study looked at over 3,200 people and tested their blood for compounds that could predict a lower risk of heart challenges later.

Out of 112 metabolites, they found that the STRONGEST predictor of fewer heart problems was high levels of this ERGO compound.

Again, that’s out of 112 different compounds! And then another study looked at 131 compounds in the blood of seniors and found that those seniors who were considered “frail” had significantly LOWER levels of ERGO than their “non-frail” peers. Not only that, but those with lower levels of ERGO also had weaker brain function too.

Are you starting to see the trend?

It’s No Wonder Then That In 2020 A Group Of Penn State Scientists Even Went So Far As To Call ERGO The "Longevity Vitamin."

They Even Put It Right In The Title.

And it’s not like the authors behind this paper are just any old “hacks.”

These are some of the most respected scientists in their field, publishing in one of the prestigious journals in the science of health, and they’re quoted as saying that more research is “IMMINENTLY needed to evaluate means to increase ERGO in the diet in order to improve our long-term health.”

Amazing right?

There is simply no way that you can look at all of the health benefits of ERGO…

From its profound effect on the brain and memory, to its PROVEN connection to total health in the body and all of the things these top scientists are saying about it,

And NOT see that this “longevity vitamin” is CRUCIAL to the body (and especially the brain).

Which Is Why This Next Part I’m About To Tell You Is So Shocking

Yes, ERGO is important to our overall health. And yes, our bodies are LITERALLY designed to absorb it. But, unfortunately, most of us don’t get NEARLY enough in our diet. I mean just go back and look at the title of that last paper I showed you. It’s literally titled, “Is ergothioneine a ‘longevity vitamin’ limited in the American diet?” And in that paper, those Penn State scientists I mentioned earlier, lay out a crystal clear case that basically PROVES that, “yes, ERGO really IS limited in the Western diet.” And they went so far as to say that the effects of this can be, quote, “insidious, cumulative, and not readily apparent but devastating just the same…” “Insidious…” “Cumulative…” “Devastating…” Those are the words that these top-level scientists choose to describe the problem. So it should give you some sense of just how BAD it really is.